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Increase Children’s Awareness of the World Around Them

For many years Nutty Scientists® has been developing and designing campaigns that focus on bringing awareness to important health and environmental issues. These campaigns will help children be more conscious and appreciative of the environment and the world they live in. We have created campaigns for classrooms and global corporations alike!


Awareness Campaign Objectives


• Know the project and learn through their kids.

• Value the quality of the educational work.


• Learn while having fun.

• Internalize content through play.

• Get involved in activities.


What can you expect?

School Campaigns

• Creation of image and content.

• Selection and information of schools.

• Development of the project.

External Communication

• Launches

• Press campaigns

• Materials: comics, gifts, etc.


Other Events


• Solidarity Events

• Openings

• Fairs and Assemblies


• Chemical Reactions

• Light in Action

• Acid and Bases

• Playing with the Van de Graaff

• Trip to Planets

• Density of Matter

• Good Vibrations

• And many more!


• Registration required (minimum attendance needed)

• For children 3 to 16 years old

• No cost to schools other than providing a space

You can contact us for more information or by clicking on the Whatsapp icon in the lower right corner: