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Our Nutty Scientists
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Our “nutty” scientists are seriously qualified.

At Nutty Scientists® we take great care in selecting our program instructors (who play the part of our Nutty Scientists). Once these instructors are cleared for hire, they are put through an intense training program, walking them through each and every detail of our methodology and scientific programs.


Safety first, fun second.


We may be known for our wacky presentations, but we can assure you that the perceived chaos is 100 percent controlled. Our instructors are trained to orchestrate detailed experiments as integral parts of their presentation. What’s more, they know how to work with children, keeping their safety at the forefront.

We never overlook the responsibility that goes along with bringing our instructors into schools and other community meeting areas. From set up to clean up, our instructors are cognizant of every detail.

The only thing you and your kids need to think about is how amazing it is to be entertained and educated at the same time!

The staff gave us wonderfully positive feedback about the children’s reaction and overall experience. Thank you for providing our patients and families with an educational and unforgettable show that incorporates learning and exploring science in an entertaining way. Your Nutty Scientists event was a huge success! Mia Kisner, Coordinator at Miami Children’s Hospital

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