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Franchisee Testimonials

Testimonials from Franchisees Around the World

A franchise from a former teacher.

As a former teacher, I see how truly beneficial our Nutty Scientists programs are to our customers. We have been referred to as “the fun science class” because the children love to get involved and hands on! I am thankful that I found Nutty Scientists because they have allowed me to run my own program, with values I wholeheartedly believe in. Every child leaves happy, which reassures me that this experience is worth all of the work that is being put in.

Grace Andes, Franchisee, SW Florida, USA

A franchise kids and parents love.

We are thrilled to bring Nutty Scientists programs to the Houston market. Whether it is an after-school class, as workshop, a camp, a science show or a birthday party, kids and parents absolutely love our programs. We strive to instill passion for science and for life-long learning in elementary school students. Kids learn, observe, discover, experiment, and make conclusions in a supportive, interactive and entertaining environment. It is very fulfilling knowing you are making a difference in these kids’ lives.

Victoria Lioznyansky, Owner of Nutty Scientists of Houston

A franchise that enhances the community.

Nutty Scientists of Acadiana had its grand opening on October 24th, 2015 in Lafayette, LA. Our main goal as franchisees was to bring enthusiasm into the world of learning. Nutty Scientists has given us the opportunity to educate children, while simultaneously leaving a smile on their face. Our lab offers activities for kids after-school, during holidays, summer camps, birthday parties, and field trips. Seeing the light bulb go off is one of the best rewards that we could ask for. Nutty Scientists has given us the opportunity to enhance the educational experience, for a diverse background of kids, within our Acadiana community.

Elizabeth Domingue & Alexandra Drouant, Nutty Scientists of Acadiana, USA

A rewarding franchise opportunity.

We have owned the Nutty Scientists franchise in Northern Kentucky since 2013. Buying a Nutty Scientists franchise was a tough decision for us since we do not have any
educational or business experience in our professional background but this is a decision we would make again. Nutty Scientists makes it easy to run and we have found it so rewarding. The response from the community, kids, parents and educators really gives both of us an amazing feeling of accomplishment and pride. Every day we get to educate and entertain kids with fun experiments and Nutty lessons that they love.

Scott & Mistie Wisniewski, Franchisees, Northern Kentucky, USA

Building my future in franchising.

I have been able to work in all the schools in the province of Cadiz. Fun Science (Nutty Scientists) has given me the opportunity to build a future, and at the same time to carry out work with an important impact in the society. Everybody benefits; the clients and myself.

Ramon Morales, Franchisee, Spain

A franchise with reach.

I have recently renewed the contract for 25 years of duration. We are delighted with the excellent results and the implantation of the brand in the country. The success comes guaranteed by the agreements with companies like Warner Brothers, the Visionarium Museum and the educational authorities.

Eduardo Amaro, Master Franchisee Portugal

Unique franchise mission to inspire children.

Running Fun Science (Nutty Scientists) Franchise in Jordan has given me the chance not only to have fun but to be part of a program with a great mission to inspire children and encourage their curiosity towards the life around them. Fun Science (Nutty Scientists) activities are presented in a very creative way and everybody is always interested to hear more details about it. The wide range of themes can be Presented literally everywhere! There are always new ideas and new sales channels. You are never stuck with just few clients and doors are never closed! It is also amazing how we get immediate positive responses. Not only from children, we always hear adults saying that if science was introduced to them this way, probably they would have made better life and study choices. Isn’t it amazing to be part of all this. To me it is!

Hadeel Anabtawi, Master Franchisee, Jordan

A franchise with a major role in kids’ lives.

With The first of its Kind in Egypt, Nutty Scientists has established the first Science center in 2010. Nothing compared to seeing the kids enjoying learning new Science concepts without realizing. That was enough for me to take a life-changing decision and change my career. Un-conventional education is expected to have a Great impact on the new Generations and those yet to come. Nutty Scientists with its vast, un-compared experience in communicating the education message to kids, is ready to play a major role in that.

Bassam Faied, Master Franchisee, Egypt

Proud to belong to the franchise family.

As a Fun Science (Nutty Scientist™) franchisee, I feel very proud of belonging to this family, I succeeded to introduce this new business concept in my country and the success filled me with satisfaction professionally and personally. When customers meet us for the first time, they become our allies, transmit an indefinable joy just by knowing that they have a work tool like Fun Science (Nutty Scientists) full of values; you never feel you are selling something, but you feel you are giving something. Personally, satisfaction is complete because you offer yourself during your life the opportunity to work and earn money, offering a service which mix entertainment with seriousness, where you take on challenges like the transmission of a serious and important acknowledge, which gives education and realization to our future men and women. What a beautiful inheritance!

Patricia Solano, Franchisee, Dominican Republic

An international network of franchise support.

With NUTTY SCIENTISTS, learning science is not that “difficult & scary” anymore for mostly of children. All children could learn science in fun way, not only the genius or smartest one. They’re laughing, screaming, curious and gain that science is part of their daily living. Not only in schools, the children also enjoy learning science through many fun ways, such as: party, holiday camp, gymkhana etc. And even the parents and adults enjoy it either. The business is very wide : schools, companies, exhibitions, holiday camp, as well as the other theme of NUTTY SCIENTISTS, such as : Environment, Nutrition, Astronomy, Fun Reading and Health which make a lot of possibilities to explore, both for the children and the client. Full supported by the Franchisor and the international network of NUTTY SCIENTISTS is very inspiring to running the business growing well.

Dini Novita, Master Franchisee, Indonesia

Top 100 Children’s Enrichment Franchise

Nutty Scientists is ranked in the Top 100 Children’s Enrichment Franchise by Franchise Gator in 2018.

Complete Support System

Find out how Nutty Scientists franchise support team is with you every step of the way – from hiring to marketing to ongoing training, you’ll never feel alone.

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