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Hands-on science, off-the-chart fun!

Nutty Scientists® provides a unique, interactive way for children 3 to 16 years of age to learn key scientific concepts. We have an ever-growing number of proprietary programs designed to spark the imagination, stimulating an interest in science and the environment at a young age. When children can clearly make a connection with the world around them, they develop a solid foundation for future learning.

Whether in school, after school, during the summer or at a friend’s party, Nutty Scientists programs are designed in a variety of convenient formats for almost every occasion and location. Don’t forget corporate events and large-scale awareness events – we do it all!

Program & Event Themes

What will your children love learning about most?


Our science-themed programs provide an entertaining look at all areas of science including chemistry, physics and astronomy. These complete academic and entertainment programs let children have fun while learning through hands-on experimentation. By focusing on science, with aspects of technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) these programs shed light on the mysteries of the world around us. Some even integrate “scienceful” art (STEAM) for a more creative approach.

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