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Preschool Programs

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Hands-on science, off-the-chart fun!

Nutty Scientists® provides a unique, interactive way for children 3 to 16 years of age to learn key scientific concepts. We have an ever-growing number of proprietary programs designed to spark the imagination, stimulating an interest in science and the environment at a young age. When children can clearly make a connection with the world around them, they develop a solid foundation for future learning.

Whether in school, after school, during the summer or at a friend’s party, Nutty Scientists programs are designed in a variety of convenient formats for almost every occasion and location. Don’t forget corporate events and large-scale awareness events – we do it all!

Program & Event Themes

What will your children love learning about most?

Preschool Programs

Our preschool science programs are designed to captivate the curious nature of young children. The preschoolers will enjoy interactive demonstrations, perform simple science experiments and discover how science can help them to better understand the world around them – from butterflies to senses, from water to earth, and much more!

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